About Us

a family owned business.

Roger & Chantal Cauchon


Albert’s Sports & Workwear LTD. has been a family owned business for over 60 years. 

The business started in the 1950’s by Albert Cauchon as a second hand store.  It then evolved to an army surplus store before finally becoming a sporting goods store.  The store was passed on to Albert’s son, Roger who then passed it on to his daughter, the current owner of Albert’s Sports & Workwear LTD, Chantal.  All three generations have always focused on quality products and great customer service.

Albert’s Sports & Workwear LTD.  carries everything for fishing, hunting, camping, safety wear, scrubs, footwear and so much more!  They  are also pleased to have a large selection  of ringette equipment.

Don’t believe us?  Come in and see for yourself!