The Tenpoint Shadow NXT Crossbow Measures 6.5-inches wide and sending arrows down-range up to 380 feet-per-second – this tack-driving crossbow is unlike any competitor at its price-point.

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Features :

The patented ACUdraw is one of the most user-friendly and practical solution available on the market today for cocking a crossbow effortlessly and accurately. Fully integrated into the stock, with no dangling parts, it requires only the strength of the average person’s index finger to operate. The ACUdraw allows hunters of all ages and physical abilities to enjoy the great experience of bowhunting. Reduces draw weight to about 5-pounds when operated manually.
Safety engineered fore-grip (patent pending) and wings (patented) are designed to help keep the shooters fore-grip hand and fingers safely below the bowstring release path
DFI (Dry-Fire Inhibitor) prevents dry-firing the crossbow when not loaded
3.5 lbs. Trigger with auto-engaging safety delivers a smooth, crisp trigger-pull for increased accuracy with optimum creep for safety
Every crossbow is bore-sighted at the factory before arriving to the customer
2X stronger than competitor’s ABS stocks
Patented Omni-Nock – unique six-groove design eliminates indexing problem of moon and capture nocks and is 66 percent more flexible
Every crossbow is built with optimal downward string pressure, reducing string friction and allowing it to last up to 75 percent
Custom CNC-machined Type II cams, risers and limb pockets – Parts are held to a 3X tighter tolerance than competitors
Package Includes :

Optics: TenPoint 3x Pro-View 2 Scope mounted on a machined aluminum 7/8-inch Fixed Dovetail Mount
Cocking Device: ACUdraw
Quiver: 3-Arrow Instant Detach Quiver; ambidextrous side-mount quiver bracket
Arrows: Three TenPoint Pro Elite carbon arrows with 100-grain practice points
Noise Dampening: Integrated Sound Dampening System


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